Personal Coaching

Immediate impact. Sustainable change.
Life changing results.

What people are saying

“I used to wonder if I had to choose between success at work and having a life I enjoyed. Now I'm enjoying my life - both at work and outside of it - more than I have in years. And in the process I've made huge advances professionally! Working with Fred has been amazing."


Personal Coaching
  • Find purpose

  • Get unstuck

  • Trade overwhelm for satisfaction

  • Experience more joy

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Executive Coaching
  • Know your identity as a leader

  • Clarify your purpose

  • Show up with confidence

  • Make the connections that matter

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Career Coaching
  • Find your path

  • Gain clarity

  • Have the confidence to succeed

  • Realize the power of your own decisions


Who I Help

I work with people interested in getting more out of their lives and work. Stuck? Unclear on the path forward? I'm interested, and I can help.

How I Do It

You book some time to have a coaching conversation. That's what it is. It's not a sales call - it's working with a coach, right from the start. I'll help you identify your challenges and ways through them. When you find working together works for you, we'll keep doing it: knocking down challenges and building new successes together, one after another.

What's In It For You

Outside perspective, personal attention, and directed guidance. Your goals are my goals: immediate impact, sustainable change, and life changing results.


Frederic Bahnson, MD, FACS.


I am a personal and executive coach dedicated to helping you find the next level of success in your life.

I've been an employee, a leader, and an entrepreneur. I'm a father, a husband, and a friend.

I've switched, straddled, leapt and built a career that no counselor or brochure ever could have predicted - surgeon, entrepreneur, author, coach. Along the way, I have developed a passion for mentoring other professionals - and anyone interested in getting more out of their life and their work. 

You can learn more about me here, or you can just get in touch. Let's work together so your next step can be a step up to the next level.


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