About Me

I am a surgeon, a coach, an author and an entrepreneur. I'm a father, a husband, and a human who enjoys challenging myself and others.  I have found ways to do all this while building a life that is balanced and full of fun. Along the way, I have become an expert in helping others do the same.


How I got here

For my formal education, I initially studied physics at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. After graduation, I did freelance web design and computer programming while working to convince my then girlfriend (now wife) to come back to Portland with me. With that accomplished, I got a job as a systems engineer doing research and development for electron microscopes. The topics and projects were often fascinating, but I realized it wasn't what I wanted to spend an entire career doing.


After careful consideration, I chose to make the leap into medicine. I attended medical school and received my medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University. After medical school, I did my 5 years general surgery training at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, with experience in trauma at L.A. County Hospital in Los Angeles. In a foreshadowing of a future passion, I picked up awards for teaching and supporting my fellow students and trainees at each stage. After completing surgery training, I entered practice in general surgery, and continue to work with the same group today. I have served as Chief of the Department of Surgery and am now a Medical Director for Data Analytics in addition to my clinical practice.

Along the way, I got married and we had two children. We moved from toddling on the beach to school dropoffs to sending them off on international service trips. We have traveled the world as a family, and also explore close to home. My wife inspired me to start trail running during surgery residency. I ran my first trail ultramarathon during my second year in general surgery practice. In 2019 my older daughter and I ran our first obstacle course race together. We had a blast and made big plans for more OCR in the summer of 2020. Those races got canceled, but we still enjoy being out on our local trails - running, hiking with our dogs and mountain biking.


I have also had the opportunity to explore the world in my professional life. Because my background bridges medicine and tech, I was invited to be one of the early members of the team that has become macro-eyes. This company is now a multiple-time winner of Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenges, for work in applying artificial intelligence to global public health problems. macro-eyes is currently partnering with governments in low-resource areas such as Sierra Leone to facilitate coordinated responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through these adventures and many others, there have been some common themes. The major theme is exploration. I'm always learning - meeting new people, encountering new perspectives, tackling new academic topics, growing new businesses. As I learn, I also love to share. I've had the opportunity to counsel government officials, teachers, students, healthcare executives, doctors and other professionals. I've consulted for directors of schools and tech founders. Now I offer one on one coaching  to those interested in learning how they, too, can do more than they ever thought possible. 

Do you have a challenge you're not sure how to tackle? A dream you're not sure how to reach for? Want to drop your stress and overwhelm, and replace it with satisfaction and success? Drop me a line. Or book some time to talk.


Take action today to have a better tomorrow. 


Who I Help

I work with people interested in getting more out of their lives and work. Stuck? Unclear on the path forward? I'm interested, and I can help.

How I Do It

You book some time to have a coaching conversation. That's what it is. It's not a sales call - it's working with a coach, right from the start. I'll help you identify your challenges and ways through them. When you find working together works for you, we'll keep doing it: knocking down challenges and building new successes together, one after another.

What's In It For You

Outside perspective, personal attention, and directed guidance. Your goals are my goals: immediate impact, sustainable change, and life changing results.