I'm a surgeon, a coach, an author and an entrepreneur. I'm also a father, a husband and a human with a life that feels balanced, interesting and fun.


I am a surgeon who happens to have a degree in physics. I was a systems engineer before attending medical school. Combining medicine and my interest in data and complex systems gave me the opportunity be an early member (and then Chief Medical Officer) of macro-eyes. Macro-eyes is now a multiple-time winner of the Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenges for our work bringing artificial intelligence to bear on global public health. 

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your work, or outside it, or trying to balance the two?

I've been there. Like you, I get better at what I do with attention, coaching, and mindful practice. Over many years, one of the things I've dedicated a lot of time and energy to is understanding how our thinking, our actions, and the quality of our lives fit together.

I also enjoy helping people. It's in my work as a surgeon and my work as a coach. I like working with people to  understand the real underlying questions they are struggling with - at work or outside of it. Guidance to a better understanding can result in relief, excitement, new confidence, and breakthroughs in business or relationships - sometimes all of these.